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Criminal IP — The Search Engine For Hackers

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In this article, I will quickly give a brief into about Criminal IP which is a Free search engine for Hackers and mention all the important points I have covered regarding it’s usage in my recent YouTube video.

About — Criminal IP

Criminal IP is a Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) search engine that scans the open ports of IP addresses worldwide daily to discover all devices connected to the Internet. Using AI-based technology, it identifies malicious IP addresses and domains and provides a 5-level risk assessment. The data is indexed with various filters and tags for effective searching. Additionally, it can be integrated with other systems through an API.

Criminal IP Review video on YouTube

YouTube — ZeusCybersec

In this Video I have briefly explained everything you need to know about Criminal IP such as its usage, filters & tags, types of searches, how to look for results, recent updates, API integrations and pricing. In the recent updated version, Criminal IP has made some major improvements and upgrades. I will be making a YouTube shorts video on Criminal IP soon !

Where Can Criminal IP be used?

Criminal IP allows you to search or inquire via an API threat intelligence on all devices, servers, and domains connected to the Internet. It can be used for cyber security, attack surface management, penetration testing, vulnerability and malware analysis, as well as for investigation and research. For example, when a new vulnerability or ransomware is discovered, you can determine how many PCs or servers are vulnerable or infected, and check whether the IP address or domain in use is also vulnerable. Additionally, it scans in real-time for malicious URLs generated by hackers and phishing URLs, allowing you to analyze threat information without directly accessing them.

Research Articles I Have Written on Criminal IP

I hope you find these resources helpful in your journey to use this amazing tool. I will be covering yet another article on criminal IP very soon. For more details you can visit the official website of Criminal IP-

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